Ohana Pearls by Kira My Hand Made Jewelry

Kira Corea
Ohana Pearls
Sergeant Bluff, IA
Ohana Pearls is a small jewelry business specialized in cultured pearls and pearl jewelry. Our exclusive designs are handcraft proudly in our studio located in Iowa. We include in our collection freshwater pearls, Akoya, Tahitian and South Sea Pearls We also do pearl jewelry repair.
The primary objectives of the business Ohana Pearl is creating exceptional handmade pieces with pearls from around the world and to exceed customers expectations in quality, design and customer service. Our target customers are professional, outgoing women, brides and any persons who wants to celebrate especial occasions: anniversaries, graduations, mother’s day, Christmas; for casual, business and formal events. Our collections include necklaces, earrings, pendants and bracelets.Customers can purchase pre made jewelry from our website or request a customized piece.
The startup has been completely financed by the owner of the business. The startup funds has been used to purchase initial inventory, purchase of tools, display case, payment of bridal fairs, women’s fairs expenses, marketing products, website, accounting, legal, marketing and photographic services, domain name right for the business, internet service, phone service. The owner provided with the laptop and iPad for the business. We are planning on slow growth for the first 5 years.
Even though, this is an online store, we consider important to establish a small mortar and brick store to showcase our collections. This is a long term plan due to lack of capital for it. Additional planning needs to be done.
We have several well known competitors in the jewelry retail industry: Thorpe and Company, Helzberg, Kay Jewelry, Riddle’s, Gunderson’s.
Although we have many competitors, we will set ourselves apart but solely concentrating on pearls, offering customers pieces, providing helpful advice and fair prices. No other business in Midwest offers the quality and type of business we offer.
In 2018, only in U.S the retail industry sales grew 6% from previous year. Out of the total sales, the share of specialty jewelers was more than 43%. The U.S jewelry industry is worth $71.3 billion.
Ohana Pearls is a small business established in 2016 and it is located in Sergeant Bluff Iowa. Ohana Pearls it is owned and operated by Kira Corea. But I have over 16 years of experience in pearls, pearl jewelry making and repair. Kira is a certified specialist for the Cultured Pearl Association of America. Kira wants to get the Certification as a Pearl Specialist from the Gemology Institute of America, which will be a huge step to offer a complete and top of the line service to our customers.
My guiding principles are passion that reflects in our exclusive handmade pieces, happiness, integrity and fairness.
No other personal is involved in the business.

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