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Melinda Nasers
Grace Boutique
Sibley, IA
Grace Boutique provides a boutique experience shopping for women's and men's name brand clothing, decorative household and furniture items at an affordable price. Service surpassing that of their competitors, while striving to serve the needs of Sibley and the surrounding area.
Grace Boutique makes shopping simple. Customers experience quality and style while finding great prices and deals on unique, trendy, seasonal clothing and accessories or a new statement piece of furniture or décor for their home. We carry name brand items from Coach, Dooney & Bourke, Calvin Klein, Michael Kors, and more that can easily fit any budget. Clothing sizes range from XS to 4X, making it easy to find something that fits any style! Daily inventory changes keep customers interested and excited to shop.
Grace Boutique is a consignment shop accepting inventory on consignment only and not owning inventory outright. Prices are based on supply and demand and getting the best possible price for items. Consignors receive a 40% commission of the final selling price. Furniture items receive a 40% commission on final selling prices between $1-$60, 60% commission on final selling prices $61-$90, and 75% commission on final selling prices over $91.
Not owning inventory makes the risk monetary, since unsold items are returned or donated after a length of time. The consignor retains ownership of their consignments until sold, returned or donated. This cuts down on overhead inventory and insurance costs.

Grace Boutique has an atmosphere that's clean, fresh and displays merchandise with stylish. Since opening April of 2018, Grace Boutique has hired 3 part time employees, sold over $74,000 in consigned goods, and paid out over $33,000 to their consignors. Grace Boutique participates in many community activities, donates to local charities and fundraiser and allows local students to check out clothing for school assignments and projects.

Grace Boutique has a diverse target market. Families and individuals purchase quality name brand clothing, accessories, furniture etc., then after enjoying those items for months and sometime years later consign their gently used items at Grace Boutique to recoup a portion of their initial purchase price. Many of those same consignors then use their consignment earnings to purchase consigned items at Grace Boutique.

Our target market includes families and individuals who desire to purchase those same items, although they are unable or unwilling to pay full retail price. We target families and individuals looking for the boutique experience without the boutique prices.
Grace Boutique provides a boutique experience shopping for women's and men's name brand clothing, and decorative household and furniture items at an affordable price. Our service surpasses that of our competition, while striving to serve the needs of the people of Sibley and surrounding areas.

Grace Boutique currently has a consignor base of over 325 consignors, increasing by an average of 4 consignors per week, ranging from locals to those living over 200 miles from Sibley. The customer and consignor base grows weekly due to word of mouth by satisfied customers and consignors.

Grace Boutique will have nationwide market sales as their social media and website footprint expands.

Grace Boutique is the only Boutique style Consignment Store in a 50 mile radius.


A March 26, 2019, Forbes Magazine article states

‘second hand economy’ was alive and thriving

It’s been reported that in 2018, the secondhand market accounted for $28 billion, compared to $35 billion for fast fashion. However, what’s more startling is the fact that within ten years the secondhand market is expected to nearly triple, reaching $64 billion, while fast fashion is predicted to only rise to $44 billion.

Grace Boutique would like to purchase equipment to efficiently and effectively stage and photograph items to sell on their website and expand social media advertising. This in turn will increase market area and sales. The increase in sales along with extra grant funds would be used as a down payment to add an additional 1050 square feet to the retail sales area. With the increase in square footage, Grace Boutique will add children’s clothing to their consignment inventory, increasing their current target market and increasing sales.
Grace Boutique is a boutique consignment shop owned and managed by Melinda Nasers. Melinda obtained a Certified Medical Assistant Certificate through Spencer College, in Spencer, IA. Melinda worked as a Medical Assistant for just over two years, when she decided to work with her husband Scott on the family farm, NNIK Pork Inc. a 2500 farrow to finish swine operation in rural Sibley, IA. Melinda worked 14 years actively in the barn as well as served as business manager. She has retired her barn duties and continues as the business manager.

Melinda purchased a downtown Sibley, IA store in February of 2018. She designed and took on most of the remodeling herself, along with help from family, friends and some hired labor. With Melinda’s passion for success and zeal, she was able to open the doors of Grace Boutique just two months later on April 12, 2018. Melinda is the sole owner of Grace Boutique. Melinda, with the help of 3 part time employees, is making Grace Boutique a shopping destination and successful business.

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