Northwest Iowa Firearms - We sell Freedom!

James Van Veldhuizen
Northwest Iowa Firearms
Hull, IA
We are a small town firearm and firearm accessory store providing the local communities with everything they could dream of when it comes to firearms and firearms accessories as well as customizing firearms.
We like to come up with innovative marketing ideas that appeal to our customer base as well as potential customers. The “Freedom Trough” is one of our innovative ideas which involves selling a wide variety of ammunition by the pound which saves our customers significantly but also helps us move more ammunition which helps the bottom line. We also offer some very unique Cerakoted firearms that sets our shop apart from any other shop in the area. These firearms sell very well locally as well as many other states. The competition is fierce with the ability to buy firearms online so we are always looking to gain the upper hand over the competition by providing outstanding customer service and competitive prices.
I am partnered with John Emerick who provides a ton of behind the scenes support and helps fine tune any of my crazy ideas that I dream up in order to supply all the Freedom loving Americans with all of their firearm needs. I run the shop full time and take care of all the day to day operations.

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