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Daniel Stillson
Rock Rapids, IA
SnSLabz began in January 2018, and our focus is to create 3D printed products, specializing in electronic and gaming accessories. This is just the beginning of SnSlabz and the goal of making a company grow into something more than just a Christmas gift.
SnSLabz has been in operation for a year and a half, my focus is on the expanding opportunities associated with the growing industry of "eSports". We have researched the industry to find ways to accessorize the individual player and gaming team. It was identified that an underserved area of the eSports community is the availability of 3D gaming accessories. To date we have not identified competitors in the 3D printing of gaming accessories. My company produces 3D personalized products for the individual customer, as well as teams. In addition to the gaming merchandise, SnSLabz offers teams partnership and sponsorship opportunities. Our products include a headset, controller, cell phone and iPad stand, as well as mouse bungee cord holder. In August 2019, the company began offering the individual player and teams personalized gaming mousepads.

As a young person that enjoys the eSports circuit, games and teams, I identified that many people would like to purchase but are unable to afford the merchandise that teams sell. To increase the availability of team products for all fans, SnSLabz began contacting eSports organizations. SnSLabz has developed a partnership with AirDrop Crates, to be a part of their gaming box service. Our controller stand and mouse bungee cord holder have been placed in the monthly subscription box for gamers in the last year. The collaboration that I have developed with this company, has allowed my 3D printed products to be shipped in crates reaching 150 subscribers.
SnSLabz currently has partnerships developed with six teams in the United States, in which they promote the customized products we have created for them. The partnerships have allowed me to increase exposure of company products, increase sales, and has allowed me the opportunity to network with other teams. SnSLabz has developed a sponsorship with one gaming team in the past year. The team displays the business logo on their jerseys at gaming events, merchandise stores and social media platforms.
SnSLabz plans to increase our business opportunities by marketing products to colleges that have developed eSports programs and teams, as well as high schools that are now developing teams across the United States. The eSports industry will top 1 billion in revenue in 2019. The esports audience will reach 453.8 million this year, this represents 201.2 million Esports Enthusiasts and 252.6 million Occasional Viewers. SnSLabz plans to be an integral partner in the eSports community in 2019 as well as the years ahead.
Daniel Stillson is the CEO- co-founder of SnSLabz and I am currently the only personnel that works in the company. As a young entrepeneur I am entering the Dream Big Grow Here Contest to fulfill my goals of being a successful company in the eSports industry. In order to be a leader in gaming accessories, SnSLabz needs to have the availability of additional printing equipment, revamp our social media marketing and update our website professionally. Our company needs to purchase an updated CAD (computer aided design) program to assist in the development of products.

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