"So Many Board Games" board game cafe

Rachel Tudehope
So Many Board Games
Sioux City, IA
So Many Board Games is a board game cafe found in downtown Sioux City offering a location for friends and families to gather and play board games while enjoying delicious food.
So Many Board Games is located in Sioux City with a market size of around 100,000 people. The business model for So Many Board Games has three separate streams of revenue currently and has the potential for a fourth.
The first stream is the cover charge. Our five dollar cover charge grants our customers access to our game library that is about 120 games strong and growing.The second stream is food. Customers are able to order meals, snacks, and beverages from our menu to eat while in the cafe. The third stream is retail. Games, dice, t-shirts, and other board game related merchandise will be available for purchase. Having merchandise such as t-shirts brings in revenue but also serves as advertising. In the future we would like to start offering a rental space to be used for birthday parties, family gatherings, youth groups, staff parties, and more. There are hundreds of similar gaming cafes across the country and the world that are successful and thriving.
Sioux City has a few other game stores that are our primary competition but since they are more heavily geared towards retail with some events related to Magic the Gathering and comic books (a realm we will not be pursuing) we are not worried that there will be much direct competition. We are not just a game store and we are not just a cafe, we are a beautiful mix of both that brings people together.
Drew Parvu and Rachel Tudehope are equal partners in running So Many Board Games. Both are involved in every aspect of day to day operations as well as planning. Drew leans more on the side of game expert and event planner while Rachel runs the kitchen and social media presence.

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