Help Us Take Local Wellness to A New Level!

Tambrey & David Groves
Twin Flames Wellness Centre
Akron, IA
Our dream is to purchase necessary supplies to open a wellness center in Akron, focusing on massage & bodywork, yoga, Zumba, Pilates and other forms of fitness... a place to relax and rejuvinate.
No one else in the area offers anything like what we have to offer. While there are other massage therapists, there are not all of the other health services we will offer, such as yoga, Zumba and pilates...a retail area with herbs, teas, essential oils and health conscious products...a room to relax and focus/meditate.

We will offer monthly workshops such as herbal remedies, couples foot or facial spa night and soul painting to bring the clients from surrounding towns and counties with an estimated population of about 24,000 and give them activities they might not otherwise have access to. These activities will also bring them through our doors to then see all we can offer and help them with!
We would be able to purchase a couple of massage tables, chairs and coverings, massage and essential oils & other necessary items needed to start out with.

Also waiting room seating, carpeting or area rugs, retail products to start with, and office supplies such as computer, printer etc.

While we won't be able to get all we eventually dream of offering, this grant award can go a long way, with thrifty and creative shopping!

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