Our dream is to provide every K-6 teacher & student with a library of online learning tools.

Dreamer: Emily Starr     
Dream Location: Clinton, IA
Contest Month: Statewide July 2010
Website: www.starrmatica.com
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Dream Rank: 10 
Number of Votes: 210
Teachers and students nationwide are suffering as a result of state budget crunches, so it is time for businesses to step in and help educators gain access to the resources they require to teach effectively in 21st century classrooms.

Current education reform focuses solely on evaluation and assessment while providing no assistance to individual classroom teachers. As a company of teachers, we at StarrMatica Learning Systems understand the instructional needs of classroom educators and are on a mission to assist our colleagues.

Our dream is to provide K-6th grade teachers and students access to an online library of thousands of high quality reading, math, and science digital teaching and learning tools aligned to all fifty state standards and the new national core curriculum. This cutting edge online content will help teachers to use technology to engage students during classroom instruction and will provide individual students learning opportunities via computers at school and at home.

We have identified a technology grant that 1,000 schools across the nation qualify for that would allow them to purchase $10,000 in technology hardware and software for their classrooms, including a StarrMatica subscription.

StarrMatica is also giving away 50 school subscriptions to our online content library—one in every state in the nation.

Our greatest challenge is letting principals and teachers know about both free programs if they aren’t connected to us on Twitter, Facebook, or email.

The Dream Big Grow Here award would allow us to spread the word to schools through nationwide mailings and online advertising, which is something we would not be able to afford otherwise.

Thank you for your support!


art courses posted the following comment on 7/29/2010 2:14:19 PM Sounds great that provide individual students learning opportunities via computers at school and at home.
glenda posted the following comment on 7/28/2010 12:38:06 PM Great Job Emily hope you win

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