Publish a website that allows Iowans to get the news and information they need when they want it.

Dreamer: Gary Barrett     
Dream Location: Urbandale, IA
Contest Month: August 2010
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Voting Ends: Aug 31 11:59 PM
Dream Rank: #19
Number of Votes: 4
My dream is to provide streaming audio and video both live and on-demand for Iowans to give them the latest news on what's happening around the state.

This would involve getting stringers from all over Iowa-both professional journalists and site users-to submit their news for presentation.

Special emphasis would be given on the workings of government-explaining to Iowans what their local, state and national government is doing, what they're spending, whether they're improving Iowa.

Responsible opinion shows would be key-with hosts that respect opposing views and even solicit them! Iowans need a legitimate dialogue on the issues of the day!


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