Create Nonprofit Organization to Provide Craft Education & Handmade Items for Charities

Dreamer: Lana Jackson     
Dream Location: Des Moines, IA
Contest Month: August 2010
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Voting Ends: Aug 31 11:59 PM
Dream Rank: #8
Number of Votes: 84
In 2007, a group of friends met to make craft items for local charities. 3 years later, we’re becoming a nonprofit! This year we will be making a quilt and fundraising items for Habitat for Humanity, teaching craft classes & making kits for patients on bedrest at Iowa Methodist, hosting our 3rd annual Quilt-In November 19th and 20th to benefit local youth, making teddy bears and dolls for the children of deployed National Guard soldiers, and helping children make cards and scrapbooks to send to deployed soldiers. We need this money to pay for supplies and nonprofit filing fees.
We can always use more volunteers. If you can join us, please contact me directly at [email protected]. I will be glad to send you detailed information about how you can help.


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