My dream is The Clay Studio, a community pottery studio and new addition Iowa's art and culture.

Dreamer: Rachelle Branum      Business Profile
Dream Location: Decorah, IA
Contest Month: September 2010
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Voting Ends: Sep 30 11:59 PM
Dream Rank: #1
Number of Votes: 982
Your daily vote for The Clay Studio from Sept 15-30 will support that which is creative and fun in Iowa! We applied a few months ago and came in second but we opened out doors anyway. We believe in our dream to 'Happify your Creative Side' and hope you will too. The money will be used to pay off our 2 new electric pottery wheels and help us to save for our next addition, a community Japanese style garden in our courtyard below the building (next to Dry Run Creek). We hope you will help spread the word about our arts venture, support us through voting and/or donations and stop in to paint a pot or get your hands dirty. Since prehistoric times, humans have be drawn to creating with clay. Join your herd...we hope to see you soon!
Happify your Creative Side at The Clay Studio, Decorah.


Beebes posted the following comment on 9/22/2010 9:47:07 PM The Clay Studio in Decorah is the greatest fun!!! Whether you are artistically gifted, or not (like me), there is something for you. You can throw pots and come back and decorate them, or choose from ready stock to decorate. Also, I love the vintage feel of the place--from the mis-matched dining room feel, to the Haeger and Stangl pottery pieces to wash your brushes in! It feels like being at your friends house.

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