My dream is to create a community website that will promote Iowa as a vacation destination.

Dreamer: Jody Halsted     
Dream Location: Ankeny, IA
Contest Month: June 2010
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Dream Rank: #14
Number of Votes: 153
This site will go beyond the tourism board and share Iowa's unique beauty. Featuring “been there done that- and you should too” stories from across the state, an event calendar and easy search by area of Iowa and type of activity. This prize would build the site, pay writers, support promotion and cover some start up costs. The goal is to share Iowa's beauty, fun and culture with those in Iowa, who often leave for vacation, and across the nation. My dream is that this small site will positively promote Iowa, bring tourism to small towns that may get "lost" to travelers and provide a place for people who want to share their Iowa adventures, photos, videos and the beauty of the state. This site will be an extension of my popular Family Rambling travel site. Plans include a Facebook page and Twitter ID when the site is close to launch.


Jody posted the following comment on 6/27/2010 4:19:14 PM In case you're curious: the top photo was taken as Salisbury House in Des Moines during Shakespeare on the Lawn and the bottom photo was during the White Pole Tractor Ride near Dexter.
Doglover posted the following comment on 6/24/2010 10:11:10 PM Hurray for Iowa

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