2018 Contest Schedule: 

Check back regularly or email patrick.luensmann@uni.edu to see if there is a contest planned for your area. 

What is it? 

Dream Big Grow Here is a contest built upon the premise that businesses and entrepreneurs want to secure cash grants if possible. With this contest, we strive to provide an attractive cash competition to engage entrepreneurs online, where they can be connected with resource providers in their region and online. It also gives small businesses and entrepreneurs in Iowa another way to be celebrated.

While in the past we have done an annual statewide contest, this year we have decided to take a regional approach. Keep your eyes open for a contest coming to your area! 

Each business in this competition may be at a different stage of business development and that's okay! Using our online pitch format, EDO's in your community will be able to serve you moving forward, whether you're just starting your business, or trying to grow.

General Eligibility

(for specific guidelines view FAQ link under your region)


1. You must be located in Region you are applying for

2. You must have a for-profit business

3. You must have fewer than 5 full-time employees

4. You haven't been in operation for more than 3 years

Dream Big Grow Here Regional Contests

Dream Big Grow Here is partnering with communities and organizations around the state to host regional contests this year. There will be no statewide contest for Dream Big Grow Here in 2017 or 2018. If you are interested in learning more about hosting a Dream Big Grow Here regional contest - please reach out to Patrick Luensmann at patrick.luensmann@uni.edu or call 319-273-4335. 

2018 Contests

 Check back to see find new contests!


Congratulations to our past Dream Big Grow Here winners!


Watch how small business owner Tom Mulholland’s local grocery business was transformed with help from the Dream Big Grow Here competition!