Jackson Street Brewing-Sioux City microbrewery and taproom

Dreamer: David Winslow Winner

Business: Jackson Street Brewing

Location: Sioux City, IA

Industry Contest: Pre-Revenue

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Jackson Street Brewing is an upcoming microbrewery and taproom located just off of historic Jackson Street in downtown Sioux City. A lease has been signed at 607 1/2 5th Street. The taproom will offer a selection of six beers brewed at this location.
Business Description:
Our business model is based on the increasing demand for local, flavorful craft beer. Sioux City has a history of successful breweries in the last century (our research revealed five), and we want to renew this tradition as there is not even one brewery in this major Iowa city. Unlike other bars in Sioux City selling craft beer, we allow patrons to meet the brewer and this helps sell a unique experience. The owners of Jackson Street Brewing have made over fifty batches of beer in the last year. Our double IPA's and other easy drinking beers have earned 1st place ribbons at home brew competitions. We have also served our beer at several local events, gaining valuable consumer feedback. Our theme will be family oriented with pictures of Sioux City landmarks, and a play area for children including chalk boards. Root beer will be sold as well. Jackson Street Brewing also will differentiate itself with locally sourced ingredients. The owners tend a two acre orchard featuring raspberries, apricots, cherries, apples, pears, red wine grapes, and nearly a dozen varieties of hops. These ingredients allow the brewer to invent new unique recipes that will keep customers coming back for more. The owner has been experimenting with several hard cider apples, and has recently created an exciting pear and apple hard cider blend that we feel will be a hit for non-beer drinkers. Also, beer memberships will be sold to give customers a sense of home in the tasting room.
Reason for Entering:
We are applying because we are pouring all of our savings into this business, sweat equity to renovate the property that we have leased, and we still will be facing costly plumbing and electrical upgrades as we've already seen on contractor bids. Besides contractor costs, the brewing equipment we will be purchasing is made in the U.S.A. out of stainless steel, and is incredibly expensive. The more capital we have, the more beers we can have on tap and we really feel variety is important to customers' experiences.