Jersey Lock, the ultimate shoulder pad accessory

Dreamer: Anthony Rossi

Business: Jersey Lock

Location: Sioux City, IA

Industry Contest: Pre-Revenue

Voting Ends: March 1, 2015 11:59 PM

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Jersey Lock is a precut, double-sided, easy applicable, vinyl based tape that is cut to the shape of shoulder pads to help prevent holding, jersey tackling, and injuries.
Business Description:
We are unique in that we are making it easier to apply double-sided tape to shoulder pads. Right now, more and more teams from junior tackle to the NFL are buying rolls upon rolls of tape to keep the jerseys down. This takes time and never really fit to the pads well. Teams well even go as far as ordering huge industrial rolls of double sided tape and have player cutting parties. Now we have come up with a solution of precut tape that comes in a pack for the entire season.

In the United States alone, 1.8 million people play football every year. With more and more money being spent on accessories every year, the sports market is booming. We figure if we can get just just half of a just ONE percent of the 1.1 million high school students, and 5% of colleges, semi-pro and professional teams, this company has potential to make almost 1 million dollar off of that.

Why is this product important? Not only does it help prevent costly holding penalties, it aides in injury prevention. It does this by keeping the jersey tighter to the body so there isn't as much jersey flopping in the younger leagues.
Reason for Entering:
I am applying for Dream Big Grow Here because I believe in my home state of Iowa. Right now I feel so much greatness is happening here and I want to be one that can help that on the western side of the state. I feel that Being centrally located not only in the country, but to 2 major football conferences as well, makes Iowa a great place to start and grow my business.

The money would be used to start production on our product as well as covering some of the travel cost when traveling to teams across the country to sell the product.