Expanding Mud on Main

Dreamer: Jessica kannegieter

Business: Mud on main

Location: aurelia, IA

Industry Contest: Hospitality/Restaurants

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Mud on Main is a coffee shop in Aurelia, Iowa that offers specialty coffees, homemade goodies, smoothies, breakfast and a lunch menu. Mud on Main is on the verge of going mobile and expanding it's homemade chicken salad sales.
Business Description:
Mud on Main was started on a whim, and that makes it a great story. I want to take my coffee shop and make it mobile. Going to events and other businesses to offer my great coffee or lunch will be a great experience. Then the expansion of manufacturing my chicken salad will be an amazing chance to put Aurelia on the map and make a great living for my family and myself. Coffee shops are starting up all over in rural Iowa but, I have a uniqueness that brings people back. I buy only premium products to sell to my customers. The best roasted coffee beans for my coffees and specialty drinks and quality ingredients for my homemade goodies and lunches. I am always looking for better ways to serve my customers.
When I started 3 1/2 years ago the market size of my small rural town wasn't enough and I knew I would need to pull business from surrounding area. I have done just that especially with my drive thru window. I plan to market the same way with my mobile unit.
Reason for Entering:
I'm applying for the chance to earn some great exposure and to help my financial backing. I understand it takes money to make money and this extra with help me in so many aspects. Expanding to a mobile unit or starting a manufacturing side for chicken salad will be an amazing chance for myself, family and Aurelia. Coming from a farming family I understand I need to work for what I want and Mud on Main is worth working for.