What's Old is New Again: Rebranding Hansen's Dairy

Dreamer: Jordan Hansen

Business: Hansen's Farm Fresh Dairy, Inc.

Location: Hudson, IA

Industry Contest: Retail/Wholesale

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The Hansen's Dairy dream is to update our brand with a new logo and packaging. We are an established local business, but our branding has been inconsistent. We want our products to tell our story. We seek to modernize our brand while staying true to the roots and values our customers love.
Business Description:
We are a family-owned dairy farm with four brothers operating the major aspects of the business (livestock care, milk processing and managing sales). The farm has been in the family for 150 years, and the on-farm creamery opened in 2004. We sell milk, cheese curds, butter, cream and ice cream at our three retail locations --- the farm's tour center, Moo Roo in Waterloo, and Hansen's Outlet in Cedar Falls --- and also to a variety of retail stores and restaurants in Waterloo/Cedar Falls and Cedar Rapids. There are only a handful of other on-farm creameries in Iowa.
Reason for Entering:
A great logo and packaging are key to communication with customers. We are a firmly established local business, but our promotional materials do not effectively convey who we are. Through more consistent branding, we feel we could reach an untapped market in our area. This grant would fund a redesign of our logo and packaging through a marketing agency.

We want our updated branding to:
• Make the Hansen name more prominent.
• Evoke nostalgia, as we are the equivalent of the modern-day milkman. People need to know that our milk comes from a single herd of cows right in their "backyard." Our business is rooted in history and tradition. By telling our story on the label, people can immediately understand that our products are quality, local and natural.
• Create consistency for the public. We have different names for our stores, and we would like to relaunch our retail stores as Hansen's Dairy Markets.
• Allow us to sell our products to a wider market. Some of our packaging does not meet the labeling requirements to sell in larger retail stores.

Our business has grown and developed over the years, and it's time to refresh our look with an eye toward a more cohesive look and connection with the market. Through rebranding, we seek to better communicate our values to reach new customers.