Spicing it up with Mo'rub

Dreamer: Stephanie Jessen

Business: Mo Rub

Location: Des Moines, IA

Industry Contest: Retail/Wholesale

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Mo'rub is an Universal Seasoning that is great on anything. What started as gifts for friends has become our business! We're two Iowa-bred folks growing this enterprise from the ground up. We're gaining MO'mentum, so jump on board and be a part of our MO'vement. You're Gonna Want Mo'!
Business Description:
Mo'rub is a new, all-natural seasoning that is great on anything! It's seriously fantastic! It’s versatile.

What started as gifts for friends as a spice rub for chunks of Iowa pork has turned into a “it’s great on anything”
Universal Seasoning. Meats, seafood, poultry, veggies or any food that could use a kick of delicious!
* It’s All Natural- No icky stuff added! [certified organic, actually...we just don't pay for the label, yet.]
* Gluten Free
* Non-Irradiated Spices
* This is the product that will have people coming back for mo’!

The bottom line is: we are launching a full-line of products [think bloodies, marmalades, nuts, sauces and mo'!]
where we hope to help individuals and families get back to the basics. Cook at home. We share every simple recipe and when we vend or deMO, we cross-promote every local producer partner.

Unlike many of our competitors, Mo'rub offers both wholesale/retail and our MO TO GO Fresh Foods,
[where we prepare awesome food with our special Mo'rub kick]. This dual channel model has enabled us to build
strong brand presence and gain a wide range of consumers across the Midwest. We're not messing around.
We have done over 400 events [and some crazy ones taboot] and hundreds of thousands have saw our brand.

You scratch our back, we’ll scratch yours.

Our mission and goal is pretty darn simple... we want people to start cooking at home. Doing hundreds and hundreds of demos, people aren't cooking. We want to help them cook at home with their kids and their families and pretty much just get back to the basics.

The market size is everyone. Simply, everyone eats...they just don't all eat healthy nutritious food. Read the labels, folks. I'm a walking billboard for my slow transformation, re-training my brain from growing up on an organic lifestyle and going haywire when I hit college. It's been a major wake up and it's making me mo' determined than ever to help educate the people that surround me.
Reason for Entering:
Here's the real deal. We need help. It's been the two of us on a mission, with the biggest network of support that people really do dream about. We wouldn't be where we are without hard work and the help from our family and friends.

The one missing piece of our puzzle is finding a new member of our squad [aka CFO] that can assist with our numbers and figures. We weren't blessed with a number brain.

We're also at the point where we need to figure out our distribution plan to get this statewide and ultimately nationwide.

Our website is sad and wouldn't it be swell to have a MObile app?

Oh and our cars... they really should at least have a small wrap so people know we are moving around town and the country doing our thing.

Thanks for the opportunity. We look forward to hearing from you! Cheers! Steph & Mo