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Jenna King
Stickalicious Pops
Missouri Valley, IA
Stickalicious Pops makes gourmet ice pops by hand using local farm fresh ingredients. We are always fresh, fun, and delicious. By partnering with local farms we are able to introduce farmers to our customers and educate our customers on where their food comes from and help small farms grow.
We are the ONLY locally sourced gourmet ice pop company in Iowa and Nebraska. Our zany flavors like Basil Lime and Banana Berry Bliss keep our customers coming back for more and our commitment to purchase as many of our items from local sources keeps introducing them to new farms and small businesses in the community.

We started June of 2015 with $30 in our kitchen and as of now we have sold hundreds of pops during our "off season" (September-May), have created a loyal fan base that looks to us as their go to for healthy treats, and have grown so much that we are expanding to have a full time operation.

By the end of the month we will have our ice pops in Tomato Tomato (Omaha, Nebraska) and Egg Krate (Elkhorn,Iowa.) We have over 20 events on our calendar within the next 6 months and we are going full time starting June of 2016 with 6 farmer's markets every week plus festivals, fairs, and catering. We also have a line of pops available for fundraising.

We partner with local small farms to get as many ingredients as possible (berries, herbs, apples, pumpkins, ect) and will be starting a geothermal greenhouse program in the near future to grow lemons, limes, and pineapples. We try to keep the money we spend local to the midwest to support the communities that support us by using small businesses for our printing, marketing, and supply needs.
Our pops retail for $3-$4 each and each flavor makes a tasty profit!
The Dream Big Grow Here competition provides great exposure and will introduce us far beyond our organic reach. Should we win, we plan on using the funds to upgrade our cooler to cut down on dry ice costs and purchase a mobile cart to increase our sales by adding catering for parties, showers, and weddings, and purchasing land to build a geothermal greenhouse. We will also invest in professional labels and packaging to start selling at HyVee and hope to grow enough to hire seasonal help through Crossroads of Iowa to help increase production.

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