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Michelle Sanderson
AHC is a thriving e-commerce apparel business that has also recently opened a brick and mortar production facility. Specializing in personalized custom clothing, American Hero Clothing is revolutionizing the way women confidently bring attention to their mission, business, or favorite team.
American Hero Clothing has built a strong foundation of incredibly loyal customers around the world by offering high quality decorated clothing. Gone are the days of stiff, boring t-shirts. American Hero Clothing brings to the market soft, comfy tees along with numerous other stylish options, combined with screen print and rhinestone designs that are unique. Focusing on women who want to have boutique-quality options, we also have options for children and men that are classy and stylish.

Beginning with only offering custom rhinestone clothing geared toward American troops, it has since expanded to other mediums of clothing decoration (screen print, embroidery, vinyl) and any subject matter for the design.

The year before American Hero Clothing (AHC) began, Michelle was surprised with the addition of identical triplet boys to her family of four. With five boys now to raise, all under the age of 5, Michelle wanted to be able to both provide extra income for her family and also be able to be home to raise her children. The strong desire of wanting to be home with her young children pushed Michelle to work hard and make a business that women world-wide can't live without!

Having gained 7 years of experience with graphic design for screen printed clothing at her parents' business, she combined that with her love of her country and all those who serve in the military. The result was that she started creating beautiful rhinestone designs on clothing and began promoting her small business on social media.

By 2014, she had sold 150% more than the year prior. 2015 was a record breaking year in sales for AHC and the forecast for 2016 looks brighter than any year prior!

It is clear that word of mouth from amazingly loyal customers has helped American Hero Clothing become successful. E-mails, YouTube videos, raves left on the website and social media all have helped new people to find the business. The love that pours into the clothing is witnessed by all customers who receive our products. American Hero Clothing's customers are proud to wear our clothing and share the love with their family, friends and co-workers.

AHC is beginning its fifth full year of business. It has a very strong customer base that continues to expand. There is no direct competition to American Hero Clothing. Michelle feels she sets herself apart from any company with her focus being on the highest quality clothing, rhinestones and small-town, midwestern customer service. She truly loves each and every one of her customers and is thankful beyond words that they are helping her to be a work at home mom to five children.

American Hero Clothing strives to give back to the local community in Lyon County. Money is donated to the Larchwood food pantry and new clothing is donated to ATLAS of Lyon County.
AHC is ready for the next big step...collegiate clothing! We would use part of the grant money to apply for collegiate licenses and begin the process to manufacture clothing for all the Iowa public schools, and eventually branch out to other colleges. What could be better than your favorite brand producing your favorite college's logo clothing? Get ready for a little spice in the world of collegiate clothing!

We would also like to help rejuvenate our small town main street by using part of the funds to create a retail space in the front area of our production facility. The building needs new carpeting and a storefront window to get a great retail look and feel.

Thank you for reading about American Hero Clothing, and remember to get your custom clothing from AHC!

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