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Bill Brown
Akron, IA
Tree Protection | Water Retention~ TreePans are back and better-than-ever. We have a new and improved design from working with industry leaders and many focused mentors. We are now committed to our Marketing and Sales efforts and are looking to hit 2016 strong with the help of Dream Big, Grow Here
Our business model has come a long way since our appearance in last years DBGH contest, in large part thanks to our 6 week Venture School (through the University of Iowa, hosted in Sioux City, IA.) We were awarded the pivot award and recognized by many for the most positive growth as a business from start to finish.

We are unique because there is nothing like our product on the market. We have created a product that is being used to protect trees and provide more water to the root system of young trees, summed up, we are an all-in-one product for total tree care.

We will grow revenue by tapping into the tree planting communities across the country and beyond.Our target market consists of city, county, state and government entities. These institutions are allocating millions of dollars each year to planting trees in their communities in an effort to restore the tree canopies. They have arborists on staff who understand the impact on the environment, energy conservation and health benefits to their communities. With so much money being spent on the purchase, planting, maintenance and at times, the re-planting of trees; we feel we are in the right place, at the right time, with the right product to tap into this industry and more importantly this community of environmentally conscious tree-people.

TreePans compared to:
• Mulch: TreePans prevent the grass growth and deliver 50% more moisture to the roots
• Mulch Pads: TreePans prevent grass growth and do not block water from reaching the roots
• Plastic sheeting: TreePans prevent grass growth and do not block water from reaching the roots
• Gator Bags: TreePans prevent water runoff also but do not have a 30% failure rate
• Tree Rings: TreePans prevent water runoff and rodents and stop the grass growth and evaporation
• Tree Guards: TreePans prevent mower and rodent damage and do not harm bark in the wind
• Water Buckets: TreePans help keep moisture in also and release water 360 degrees around the tree

TreePans Provide:
• 50 % more water to trees than mulch
• moisture retention for 13 days longer with the dome design

TreePans Replace:
• mulch
• plastic sheeting
• tree rings
• water buckets

TreePans Protect Against:
• mowers
• weed eaters/ compaction
• frost
• drought
• fungus and mold
• rodents

Innovation is at the heart of TreePans and ultimately the feature that turns heads the most. Our expandable door system is the first of its kind in the tree care industry. From 1 inch in diameter to 1 foot our TreePans can expand with the growth of your young trees. This (patent pending) door design is also eliminating weed competition and retaining moisture in the soil for on average 13 days longer than standard mulching.

We are serving many individuals from home owners, to cities, to landscaping crews and orchard growers. We would like to say our market size is endless. With billions of dollars being put into canopy programs and grants helping cities to plant millions of trees, we hope to take a small percentage of these urban forestry programs this year.
With help from mentors and business consultants, we have evaluated our market size at 147 million per year in the United States, based upon 4,250,000 trees being planted annually.
Our reason for applying to Dream Big, Grow Here is to help fund our marketing and sales efforts in 2016. We are scheduled to attend many trade shows this season and are sure that these shows will lead to many networking opportunities, future traveling, and most importantly, sales.

To be awarded this money would ensure that we would be able to provide funds to focus on community outreach and sales. In addition to promoting our products at the trade shows as mentioned above, we will be launching a large online presence and eCommerce push in 2016.
These funds will provide us the financial needs to update our website, work with developers on eCommerce capability, target potential buyers through social media marketing and much more.

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