Qneo - The most community-focused coupon app on the planet!

Lloyd Lee
Sioux City, IA
Sure, there are loads of coupon apps out there - but none like Qneo! With 3 daily notifications - morning, noon, and night - we will offer up to 90 deals total per day! And the best part...it's all small and locally owned businesses!
So the way it works is two-fold:

1. We provide users with a FREE mobile and desktop app. Through the app we notify them 3 different times (6 a.m., 11 a.m., 4 p.m. – what we call Slots). In each Slot there can be up to 30 coupons and deals (what we call Q’s), all to small and locally owned businesses in your area. If you like a deal, you bank it. If not, pass. But if you don't bank a deal before the next Slot arrives, you'll lose the deal for good!

Once a deal has been banked, the user has 7 days to use it (and can only be used once). If the deal hasn't been used by that time, it's gone for good! Don't worry, we have in-app notifications to remind you :-)

2. The other side of Qneo is helping these small and locally owned businesses by offering the Qneo service at a fraction of the cost as other marketing avenues. Businesses purchase 1 (or up to 3) of the 30 available Q’s in each Slot. Each Q is purchased individually - there are no subscriptions, no hidden fees, and no trickery! With any purchase(s) in a month, the business is sent an analytics on how their Q(s) performed.

Once a business has registered, it is put on a short waiting list. We then set up a registration time to meet and get it going by showing how to use Qneo. We will also provide them with marketing materials (table tents, window stickers, flyers, etc.) based on the business. We provide businesses with free templates to style their Q’s. They can also design their own image or hire use to design and place their images strategically throughout the month. These different levels of service gives businesses options based on their time and marketing budget

Once they've decided on a Q and a time, credits are used to reserve the selection. Credits are purchased as they go so there aren’t any subscriptions.

We also plan to donate a portion of each Q sold towards improving youth education within the specific community where the Q's were sold. We believe in giving back to each community which is why we're offering a FREE app, the most cost-effective marketing platform, and community donations - it's a WIN WIN WIN!

We can do all of this because we've built Qneo to run on its own. Once a business has been trained on how to use it, we are able to keep our costs low with no overhead. We've been able to team up with local businesses and offer giveaways; we've hit the streets, promoting Qneo on the ground; we've utilized our connections on Facebook; we're creating connections at local small business events. All of this guerilla marketing is another way we're able to keep our costs low which is why we can offer our services below competition pricing.
We are applying because right now we only have an Android app, causing us to lose about half of the market. By using a third party program called Xamarin, we will be able to host all of our source code in one spot, allowing us to be more streamlined.

Xamarin uses the C# programming language (which is the primary language of our developer!) and converts that code to native Android and iOS languages.

We would also like to put more capital towards our marketing budget. This includes Facebook advertising, marketing materials for businesses (table tents, table tents, window stickers, flyers, etc.), and using local companies to advertise through (such as Canned Ads here in Sioux City) to promote Qneo.

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