Clothes aren’t going to change the world, the women who wear them will.

Brittany Keizer
Simply Jade Boutique
Sioux Center, IA
So they say dreams become reality and my reality has become my dream. My dream does not stop at my current business status; my dream is to grow my business and set an example for women in business all over the world that you can and will accomplish your dreams.
My business model has evolved over the past year, as I went from solely an online boutique to a brick & mortar as well, which provides my business with two platforms for sales. Currently, the largest form of income is my storefront (95%), which is located downtown in Sioux Center, Iowa. I have received a significant amount of interest for my online business but currently do not have the ‘manpower’ and resources to grow my online business alone. The competition in my industry have the staff and resources to manage both sides of their businesses. Currently, I am the only boutique storefront in Sioux Center but do have competition with another online boutique that is housed in the community. What makes my store different from the compeittion is accepting customer requests, my limited amount of each style in inventory and my new mission to create custom exclusive Simply Jade designs.
If I was to receive the funds from the dream big grow here competition, I would utilize those funds to hire a part-time manager to assist in managing my online store, I would utilize ‘sourcing’ at market to create custom exclusive designs for my storefront and online business and create a marketing campaign to grow awareness.

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