The Shrimp Expansion of Iowa


Dalton Van Zanten
Van Shrimp
Rock Valley, IA
I raise Pacific White shrimp in a super intensive system. My shrimp are raised without any hormones or antibiotics. They are sold out the door to local consumers and businesses.
Do you know anyone raising shrimp in the Midwest? There are only a handful of people that are producing shrimp inland. What is so unique about my shrimp farming is that they are raised in the same water forever. I have a zero discharge of waste into the environment with my water, and I have bacteria that is put into the water converting the ammonia (waste from shrimp) back into feed for the shrimp. That combined with the fact that I am raising shrimp in tanks, in subzero temperatures, in Iowa, make this truly unique. Not just to Iowa, but to our country as whole. We need to continue to find sustainable ways to increase agriculture production in any environment.
I am applying for this grant to help expand my shrimp operation. Right now, I only have a 5 tank system, the money would help me to expand into a larger building, helping me to produce more shrimp. I would also like to have the smallest waste footprint I can attain, and with the help of the grant funds, I would be able to install solar panels. Solar panels would make my farm virtually self sustaining. Electricity is my biggest expense, and not having that expense AND helping our environment is a win-win situation.

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