Dreamy Feet or Foot Escape

Donna Tea
Cypress Massage
Sioux center , IA
Dreamy feet. A place where you can meet friends for an amazing foot soak, or enjoy one on your own. Reflexology will be the main therapy offered by several therapists. There will be a book and computer based reference library for natural remedies, old & new.
Currently I offer massage therapy at Cypress Massage. I love every part of my business but would like to expand services to reach more people. The foot soak service can be stand alone or included with a reflexology treatment. Massage therapy and reflexology are very popular and there are not enough therapists in our area. I am looking to train and employ reflexologists to meet the demand.
With Dream Big, I am looking to expand my business by employing more therapists and offering different services. With foot spas and more therapists, we would be able to help and educate more people in the benefits of reflexology and stress relief. The foot spas would also provide a more affordable stress relieving session.

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