Our dream is to purchase and utilize technology to operate our gym more efficiently!

Dreamer: Andre & Eva Franco

Business: Innovative Strength & Conditioning (ISC)

Location: Neola, IA

Industry Contest: Southwest Iowa 2013

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ISC is an elite strength and conditioning training facility located in Neola, IA. We provide strength training programs for fifth grade through college athletes. We began chasing our dream and opened our gym in Underwood, IA in October of 2010 in a 600 square-foot building. After an expansion in Underwood to a 1,500 square-foot space the following March, we quickly found ourselves out-growing that space as well. Tremendous support from the communities in Southwest Iowa allowed us to expand a second time to a 4,600 square-foot facility in Neola in April of 2012, where we are today.

We’ve been able to budget for some of the most high-quality equipment that’s available in the industry. Since our budget has focused on providing the best equipment for our clients, we have not wanted to take away from that to invest in technology for our business. Andre designs each program on our personal computer and then hand-writes the workouts on two large marker boards at the gym. Currently, he arrives at the gym at least one hour before his clients arrive for every session to write each workout on the boards.

If we win the Dream Big, Grow Here regional contest, we will use the money to purchase one or two large monitors to mount to the wall, replacing the marker boards. After purchasing the monitor(s), we would use any remaining money to put towards purchasing a computer to use for business purposes only so we wouldn’t have to use our personal computer for business matters. Using this new technology would help us operate our business more efficiently and would allow Andre to spend more time at home with his growing family.
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