Bring Aprons Back with Trisha Trixie Fashionista Fabulous Couture Designer Aprons

Dreamer: TrishaTrixie Hunter

Business: Trisha Trixie Designs

Location: Des Moines, IA

Contest: DMACC Business Resources 2013

Voting Ends: 10/21/2013 5:00:00 PM

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My business, Trisha Trixie Designs, creates vintage-inspired couture aprons and accessories. My mission as a designer is to develop aprons that work as a fashion accessory that serve a utilitarian purpose in your daily lives while also helping you feel fabulous!

I want to show people that aprons are not just for the kitchen anymore. My women’s aprons are couture fashion aprons like stylish dresses so women can go from home to happy hour, or from kitchen to grocery store, or even wear them out to dinner! Trisha Trixie aprons are for sewing, crafting, creating, cooking, and baking, men, women, children dolls and gifts! They are sold at retail stores, businesses, trade shows, and more!

With the resurgence of bakeries, the popularity of “Mad Men,” and recent interest in vintage fashion, it seems that America has also seen a resurgence of apron businesses. What makes my apron business different is that I do not make "cookie cutter" aprons – I make 100% original custom designs with unexpected combinations of colors and textures, and high-quality touches like a sweetheart neckline, original textile fabrics, and a double or triple ruffle at the bottom as well as pin stripes and pocket square aprons for men. Fashionista inspired, retro feel, designer, sexy and fabulous aprons you will want to wear, everywhere!

Currently, I am a solo entrepreneur who contracts out work as needed. Winning a grant from the “Dream Big, Grow Here” contest would help me hire a dedicated team to produce more aprons to fulfill larger orders from retailers, get distributors, marketing, and get my aprons into more stores.

My life’s passion is creating visual inspirations that will be a part of your everyday experience. Someday soon, I hope to overhear conversations out on the street where people are asked, “What are you wearing?” and they respond, “Trisha Trixie!”