Enhance Crown Clinics’ laboratory testing capabilities.

Dreamer: Sue Brugman Winner

Business: Crown Clinics

Location: Royal, IA

Contest: Iowa Lakes Corridor 2013

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Crown Clinics offers an innovative solution to a growing need for accessible and affordable healthcare services to an underserved rural population. Its well-equipped mobile medical unit is capable of providing healthcare services to people in their hometowns or even at their job sites, thereby reducing both travel time and time off work. Extended hours and weekend service enable people to obtain healthcare services at times that are convenient for them.

The business is owned by a family nurse practitioner. It was launched in September of 2013, and is actively working to create partnerships with large and small businesses to assist them in maintaining a healthy workforce. Services provided by two family nurse practitioners include electrocardiograms, x-rays, physicals, influenza vaccinations, urgent care, laboratory testing, physicals, and patient education.

A small annual fee purchases healthcare services for one person for one year. Most individuals, families, and businesses have recently moved to high-deductible health insurance plans. An enrollment with Crown Clinics complements a high-deductible health insurance policy, reducing out-of-pocket expenses for the healthcare services that everyone typically needs: physicals, flu vaccinations, urgent care, and monitoring of chronic, stable, medical conditions.

This application is made in hopes of securing funding to purchase additional laboratory equipment. This would enable Crown Clinics providers to perform comprehensive, point-of-care blood testing on their patients, improving their ability to screen, diagnose, treat, and monitor the patients. In addition, the availability of the desired lab equipment would provide Crown Clinics with the means to offer wellness testing, a valuable service for its business partners.

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