Expanding Accounting, Payroll & Tax Preparation Services to bring Interstate Commerce

Dreamer: Yulia Dannen

Business: Dannen Accounting,Payroll & Income Tax, LLC. DBA: D & S Services

Location: Mason City, IA

Industry Contest: North Iowa 2013

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D & S Services is a small practice providing tax, payroll and accounting services to meet the needs of individuals & small businesses. Our company was created with the MISSION to provide superior quality, professional individual & business tax preparation, payroll and accounting services at reasonable costs.
Currently our accountants are providing professional services mainly in the North Iowa area, but we are looking into expanding our business to bring revenues from other states in the Midwest. And the niche market has been found: Trucking Companies! There are many special rules & tax options that are only available to the trucking industry, and many accounting firms will not have the specialized knowledge because of the limited number clients they provide for. Our accountants possess that background knowledge to offer professional accounting, payroll & tax services to the owner operators of trucking companies.
Funding will be strategically used in the following ways:
1. Updating some of the office equipment to make sure it could handle the needed software.
2. Creating & ordering marketing materials customized for trucking industry.
3. Traveling to some of the trucking companies in order to establish a business relationship & communicating with the owner operators who drive for those companies about providing personalized & professional service for all their accounting, payroll & tax needs.
4. Visiting the companies' sites several times a year to acquire more new customers & to make sure that displays of materials are stocked.
5. Hire more full time accountants to help expand our professional services to out of state clients.
Please consider D & S Services and contact us for more information.
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