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Simplifying Real Estate Investing Just as the Online Discount Broker Did for Stocks


Jeri Frank
Cedar Rapids, IA
At AssetRover, it's about efficiency, automation, and simplicity. We share the same experiences you do with limited time, the desire to get the best returns on our investments, and wanting to learn more every day. Our experiences push us to make the best systems and tools available for investors.
Our Unique Value Proposition
AssetRover's key objective is to simplify and deconstruct real estate investing. Real estate investing does not have to be a daunting task that requires a PhD in Finance to figure out. We provide powerful tools that are accessible at all investor experience levels. Our tool calculates the offer price based on the investor’s desired cash flow or cap rate for residential properties, putting the investor in full control of their investment goals.

Education is important in any endeavor, especially in real estate when you are committing large amounts of capital. To this end, we have a blog that is focused on relevant trends, common investment concerns, and interviews with industry experts. These blogs, interviews, and videos provide compact and concise information that is critical to investing success.

Paired with education and a low barrier to entry, our future goal is to allow investors to track their real estate portfolio as their portfolio grows. The real estate investing sector is underserved in this area. Tools exist that support the day-to-day operation and management of a property, but these tools do not adequately or simply guide the investor through the entire lifecycle of a property. An investor needs to be able to effortlessly see the performance of their property on a real-time basis in order to keep them in line with their financial goals. AssetRover is designed to support the user from anywhere in the world in a mobile-friendly, cloud-based environment.

Finally, as we grow our user base, we will be able to anonymously capture data. This allows us to conduct a further and deeper market analysis, which can be shared in a searchable, user-friendly format. This data gives the investor additional insight into the profitability of their investment as compared to the mean in their geographical area.

Monetization Strategy
AssetRover, currently a free product during our minimum viable product stage, will expand into subscription based services in the future as we learn from our user base and grow our product suite. In the future, investors will be able to select add-on premium features from an ala carte menu, at a 75% discount over the competition. Many other sites charge a great deal more for advanced real estate investing tools and provide no free services for the entry level investor. Additionally, advertising will be another source of revenue as we grow our user base.

Our Industry Space
Last year homeownership hit a nearly 50 year low. The driving forces behind this movement are many and important to understand. On average, people are waiting 6 years longer before purchasing their first home. Some of this is attributed to the inability of individuals to save for the down payment, but there is also substantial evidence that groups such as the millennials would rather rent as they want the flexibility to move between jobs and geographical locations. In many areas of the country, the demand is outpacing supply. This all leads to a very strong rental market, at a time when stock market volatility is a common nightly news story.

Across the US, nearly 30 million people are already real estate investors. To put it in perspective, that is 1 in 8 Americans that invest in residential real estate and enjoy the benefits of the passive income; however, for every existing real estate investor, there are many more that want to invest, but simply lack the knowledge and resources to get started. Admittedly, real estate investing can be quite intimidating when starting. No one wants to risk becoming the center of a tragic real estate investment gone wrong, but there are ways to mitigate this risk.

AssetRover provides investor grade tools at an affordable price, giving you visibility into your holdings so you can adjust accordingly. AssetRover supports wealth building one smart purchase at a time.
We are focused on the future and building out our product suite for real estate investors. The opportunity to participate in the Dream Big Grow Here is an excellent opportunity to showcase our recent launch and travel a little further down our next path! Specifically, this event provides:

The opportunity to share the power of real estate investing.
Additional exposure to the free product we have proudly created.
Should we win, the seed money would be used for expanding our suite of real estate investor grade tools and to move our website into a more expandable platform.

Thank you for your consideration!

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