Dreamer: Jake Osborn

Business: MyPath

Location: Cedar Rapids, IA

Industry Contest: Pre-Revenue

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MyPath is a social network application allowing high school students to connect with college admissions counselors and to keep organized throughout the application process.
Business Description:
MyPath is unique as it provides a solution to the communication problem between high school students and college professionals that has never been addressed.
The colleges will have a free month trial, followed by a yearly subscription which will include a fee ranging between $600 and $4000. These fees do not pertain to high school students, as the website/app will be free for them to sign up.
Our industry includes approximately 19.7 million new college students each year, and upwards of 7,000 colleges/universities.
Our potential market size is about $15.7 million.
Major competitors are My College Options, CollegeBoard, Next Tier Education, and Youniversity.
Reason for Entering:
We are applying to gain experience as well as make beneficial connections and learn more about how to grow our business. Money would go towards hiring developers and funding for our business idea.