Start my own Farmer Maket right here on our family farm. Every thing that I sell will be grown here.

Dreamer: Marlene Ramsey


Location: Sac City, IA

Industry Contest: Statewide July 2010

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The Homestead Farmers Market is a family owned market that grows its own produce right here in Sac County Iowa as well as farm fresh eggs and other products. Everything for sale in our store is made, grown and sold here therefore cutting the cost of shipping and reducing the amount of green house gases put into the atmosphere. We are organic with our crops and livestock and believe that everyone should be able to get good wholesome products. Everything is hand picked and brought fresh right away to the customer. We are just now putting up our store and our produce is growning well and will be ready for havest just in time to place into our new building. This is our first year but the dream has been strong for several years by my husband and I. We would like to see the come back of small family farms like ours to become again a great source of income for the rual community.
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