Making the world JETSTRONG!

Shawn Johnson
Johnson's Elite Training
Osceola, IA
We don’t just collect membership dues, we give members the tools to reach their goals! I've been growing what started as a small personal training business into our first, of many to come, JET Fitness Centers. I'm striving to revolutionize the fitness industry!
What's Unique about Johnson's Elite Training and our JET Fitness Center? We feel that it's the responsibility of the Fitness Center to provide each member with the tools to reach their goals! We don’t feel that a member wanting to reach their goals should be charged an additional fee to have the knowledge on how to achieve them. If you're someone who's self-driven, but lack knowledge as to what to do when you get to the gym, JET Fitness Center is the place for you! What sets us apart from the competition is that I've created all this with having an immense amount of knowledge in the field of exercise. I feel that knowledge is power, and the more we know the more successful we become! That's why I'm sharing the knowledge I've obtained while obtaining my Master's Degree in Exercise Physiology with all of my clients, and now members of the JET Fitness Center. Most membership-based fitness center or gyms only share knowledge to members at the expense of hiring a personal trainer. We offer personal training, group classes, and even our renowned JETSTRONG Boot Camps, but feel for the ones who like to workout on their own, or who maybe can't afford training or classes. Obviously everyone comes to the gym striving to reach their goals. They deserve to reach their goals! You deserve to reach your goals! That's exactly why the slogan for the JET Fitness Center is "A gym where training's free! Because everyone DESERVES the tools to reach their goals." This is backed by myself developing a 52 week all-encompassing resistance training and cardio training program for all gym goers! If your goal is to lose weight or just be fit, I've taken all the guess work out of what to do while you're here. Now the only part a member has to focus on is walking through the doors!

Another part that’s unique to the JET Fitness Center is that we live off empowering and inspiring members to push themselves. To strive for their goals! We’ve created challenges such as the QUEST to EVEREST and the ROW to MEXICO where we place incentives for ALL our members after reaching these feats! Here’s the auto-reply email ever member gets after submitting a picture of the total feet they climbed. They’ll get this email every time! 1. It ensures them they’ve submitted their workout correctly and 2. We hope it helps motivate them to stay focus on reaching their goals:

“Subject Line: Keep on Climbing!
Way to go!!! Keep up the GREAT work!

This quest won't happen over night! Climbing to the top demands strength, it requires you to get back up and do it again; Day in and day out. Whether you're climbing to the top of Mount Everest, or "climbing" to the top of reaching your life-long goals. It's not easy, but once you're there it's WORTH it!

One step, one day, one workout at a time and before you know it you'll be exactly where you want to be. Exactly where you DESERVE to be!

It's not easy, but we say, "Dang it, it's worth it!" So keep pushing, keep climbing! DON'T GIVE UP ON YOUR GOALS! Don't give up on your climb!

We hope your next climb is as great as your last!


The JET Fitness Center Team ”
As you can see, we truly do strive to educate, motivate, inspire, and empower all our members to reach their full potential! This is the exact philosophy I created when forming Johnson’s Elite Training and still stand by it word for word to this day!

There's not a gym in the country or even world that offers what we're bringing to the fitness industry! We will be a franchised, nationally known Fitness Center within the next 10-15 years! We strive to change lives!
I'm just a small town kid from Iowa that's never been afraid of dreaming big. This goes back from when I was in grade school and wanted to play professional football. Wanting to be the first in my family to get a bachelors degree. This is one of my best traits! Today, I'm inspiring to change the fitness industry with what I feel like every fitness center or gym should be offering for their members.

Here's a little insight on me as a person with this trait to dream big. Once I set my mind to it, I never stop! I have a crazy ability to be resilient until my dreams becomes my reality! That's why I ended up playing professional football for a short stint. I went on to obtaining my Master's Degree; graduating with the Dean's Citation award and as the most outstanding student in the exercise physiology department. If I believe in something, I simply put every ounce I have into making it happen. I credit that to growing up in a small town atmosphere where we had to work for everything we had.

I have a vision like no one else in the Industry and just like every other small business, we’re trying to grow that vision and cause a great impact. An impact that's rooted right here in Iowa! Ultimately, the financial side of things are usually the limiting factor for those starting out. Although I was able to get enough start-up capital to get the fitness center up and running, I did so on a modest budget. To truly become the nationally known, industry leading fitness center, we have to keep growing to keep up with the demand.

If you remember, I started this all from a very small personal training business. I’ve been able to grow my training business over the past year and a half to be able to create a large following. That large following has jumped on board with the fitness center and in doing so has allowed to grow our membership base at a much faster pace than we anticipated! Did I mention we haven't even had a "Grand Opening" yet! We need to be able to add more equipment and other services sooner than later due to the high volume of members in order to keep everyone happy and hold more of a capacity.

So simply put, we need to be able to add more equipment to allow for further growth and keep current members happy. We need to start implementing some of our plans sooner than later. These are things we currently are unable to do right now due to using our start-up funds on getting the place up and running. This is why we’re applying for the DREAM BIG grow here grant. We’re doing exactly that! We’ve got a dream bigger than anyone we know and we’re starting it right here in Iowa!

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