Top-Spread Helping Folks save Time and Money

Dreamer: Steve Smith

Business: Top-Notch Machine

Location: Charles City, IA

Industry Contest: Ag Innovation

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Patent Pending Top-Spread bale processor strives to set people up for success through an affordable way to cut material usage and time spent on tasks.
Business Description:
Top-Spread is Ag Innovation. Top-Spread is a unique product concept with patent pending technologies for bale processing. Top-Spread quick attaches to a skid loader, front loader, or telehandler to operate. You are able to scoop up the bale or the material you wish to use. The apron feeds twin rotors which are both patent pending to grind up the material finely. The material is directed under a deflector and is spread up to 50ft.

This was all designed by Iowa Farmers. A couple beef producers were looking for an easier way to bed their barns, but no piece of equipment was able to fit in the alley or run on something besides a tractor. After a few prototypes, they built Top-Spread. Now, one person is able to complete the whole process from their seat! Top-Spread saves users 25-50% of material usage and half the time.

We will earn a profit by providing an affordable spreader that people can use with the equipment they currently operate. There is nothing else like this in the industry that is capable of holding a large round bale. Top-Spread is the only spreader in the United States that doesn’t require a 3point hook up. By keeping our material costs low, we are able to pass these savings to our customers making us a price leader. The opportunity for new customers is currently endless. With nothing comparable built in the United States markets, Top-Spread has the strength of being an innovative product that could make tasks in a lot of industries easier. Spreading mulch, corn stalks, straw, and paper bales are just a few of the uses of Top-Spread.

Most of our folks have over 40 years of experience in the Ag industry, operating their own farms and raising livestock. They also have over 20 years of certified welding and machining experience. This combination is perfect for creating the right product for our customers. Steve, the owner, has a passion for improving people’s lives and providing the tools necessary for them to succeed. In starting production of Top-Spread, Top-Notch Machine has added five new positions in our growing community of Charles City, Iowa.
Reason for Entering:
There are two areas we need to improve on specifically. We hope to create more product awareness and to make production more efficient.

We have taken several steps already including a full spread ad in SimTalk Magazine that is published across the country as well as creating an online presence. We are working on the steps of producing Top-Spread to make the labor more cost effective.

We would use part of the money for Marketing and Product awareness. Additionally, we would install an overhead hoist system in house for safe manipulation of equipment. The remaining dollars would be applied to complete the patent process for Top-Spread. The combination of these three will create a large impact on our operation efficiency and benefit our current and future customers.
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