Triversible Jerseys

Dreamer: David Brown

Business: Triple Threat Threads

Location: Spencer, IA

Industry Contest: Retail/Wholesale

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Triversible Jerseys are a Basketball/LaCrosse/PE and Soccer practice aid - the jersey allows for the wearer to have access to three colored sides while wearing one jersey. Coaches trying to organize teams find great use in having the third color option.
Business Description:
We started selling the Basketball version of the Triversible in 2014 - selling close to 1000 units basically from word of mouth and the website, and the majority of which happened in the 4th quarter. We reached across the nation in pocket areas without any online marketing strategies - all the feedback we have received on the jerseys is positive and we anticipate sales to rise substantially in 2015 due to an increased awareness of the product, a new website utilizing seo/e-commerce and a growing sales team.

Ourmanufacturing partner is GameGear out of Salt Lake City which is a made in the USA manufacturer - at this time all Triversibles are custom made and we carry no stock items. Gamegear is a great partner as they can cut, sew, print and drop ship the garments to the customer.

We are beginning to sell LaCrosse Triversibles this year - which is a product similar to the basketball version in that teams will want to get their school colors and have them screenprinted - again Gamegear is a strategic partner for this version with the screenprint and drop ship option.

Currently we are also pursuing the Soccer / PE pinnie version of the design. This version is a little different than the Basketball and LaCrosse versions as they aren't custom made to the schools 3 colors and aren't screenprinted. This version can easily be sold on a website and not by working with a dealer.

Moving forward the business plan is to:
1- Have stock Basketball and LaCrosse versions on hand - the three colors of these would be White/Black and a third color that would match the schools (there are about 8 colors that we would carry) --- schools could choose to get the stocked jerseys at a lower cost or Gamegear could still custom make to their 3 specific colors if the customer wanted
2 - Order a stockpile of the Soccer / PE versions and have them on hand for easy online order and ship

Let me know if you need any more info - thanks for reading!
Reason for Entering:
I am applying to make some more connections in the entrepreneurial world in the hopes of developing relationships that I can learn about start-up businesses from. When I began the patent of the design I thought it would be something that would be bought out from me but in fact it is turning into a business due to many unique factors with the product.

I would use the money from this contest to develop a new website - part of that process will be developing higher quality images of the product. Locally I could use the money in that regard.

Moving forward there is a piece to the puzzle that could impact our local economy. If I choose to order jerseys in bulk I will need to either develop a local partner with a screen printing company to house and sell the jerseys or get my own warehouse to store and distribute the jerseys. This could also be an avenue for using these funds.