Help Farmers achieve the prices they deserve

Dreamer: William Pattison

Business: ProduceRun, Inc

Location: Cedar rapids, IA

Industry Contest: Ag Innovation

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ProduceRun is a new and better way to buy and sell high quality farm goods, connecting
consumers directly with their food producers. By cutting out the middleman, we allow food producers to sell at more competitive prices and consumers to get better food at a better price.
Business Description:
We allow farmers to sell on our website for only 10% per successful campaign.
For example we sold $1458 worth of turkeys for wallace farms for retail prices in only a couple day and our commission was only $145.8.
In 2012 there was 7 billion worth of farms goods sold direct to the public which is promptly sold through farmers markets and community supported agriculture programs.
We predict this number will increase across america with the use of our technology
Reason for Entering:
To further showcase our business in front of business leaders and the agriculture industry.
The winnings would be also helpful.
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