Taking Small Town Style To The Next Level

Dreamer: Candi Cheville

Business: Scrub N Style

Location: Waverly, IA

Industry Contest: Retail/Wholesale

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I opened Scrub N Style in 2013. I thought back then I was dreaming big! I have had a great deal of success and I'm ready to make it even bigger!
Business Description:
Mission Statement:
"A place you can go where your professional needs of comfort and style are met."

Vision Statement:
To be a premier retail provider for the medical profession and beyond. Offering a diverse selection of medical uniform brands, styles, and accessories. The customer's comfort and satisfaction is our number one priority at Scrub N Style.

About my store:
Scrub N Style was opened by myself, Candi Cheville, on June 24th, 2013. I was a local nurse at the time and after working as a Registered Nurse for a number of years I knew all too well how difficult shopping for medical scrubs in rural Iowa can be. In my profession, as well as many other lines of work in the medical field, comfort is a must when trying to get a task done. While those who work in a great deal of other fields can go to nearly any clothing store and purchase clothing within their work place dress code, this area has been very limited for retail locations that sell our line of uniforms. There is a wide variety of styles and brands of scrubs out there. When I opened my store front I felt it was time to bring to life a place that people could come and experience those brands in rural Iowa without the hassle of trying to pick the right style, the right size, and trying to guess which color that fabric actually is through a computer screen. At Scrub N Style you are able to actually try your Scrubs on, get a feel for the fabric and how it moves with your body type. You are able to bring to life your own style through your choices and you are able to leave with your purchase in hand. If you don't see your size in that style or color your interested in... no problem we take care of ordering that special set for you. You are also able to purchase accessories to further personalize your uniform. As members of highly respected fields it is time we have a place to go to meet our professional uniform needs with added style and Scrub N Style is that place. At this time more and more professions are turning to scrubs for their uniform of choice, more than many realize. I have had hospital medical staff, dietary aide staff, professional cleaning companies, Spa's, Veterinarian clinics, Eye clinics, Dental clinics, Nursing Home staff, Home Health Agency staff, Med students, Pharmacy staff, Hospice, Dialysis Centers, Cancer Centers, Specialty clinics, Doctors Office staff, Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Respiratory Therapists, and many more come to Scrub N Style to add to their professional wardrobe. We carry a wide variety of sizes, brands, styles, and colors... there is something for everyone on any budget. Scrub N Style is the place to go when you want the whole package! Quality, Variety, and Style.

One thing that has always made Scrub N Style unique is the fact that this is a business that the owner (myself) knows 1st hand about all the products sold. Not only have I tried them all on and learned a great deal about each brand, I have also worked in the nursing field wearing the products. I am the only scrub store in the area that carries the amount of brands I do, I carry 8 brands in scrubs alone. My customers appreciate this because they like choices. Suddenly they come into a store and see many brands they have only seen online if at all. I know many say "quality is better than quantity" but at Scrub N Style you get both.

My primary focus has always been to have my store front as the back bone of my business. I wanted the small town feel of walking into my store having us know your name and know where you as a person not just a customer. As a resident of a rural community I personally know how it feels to travel 20 or more miles to get some shopping done. I feel our community is growing more and more every day. I am proud to be a part of that.

I have reviewed the wide variety of distances people have traveled to come to Scrub N Style. Whether it was there reason for their trip or a stop at Scrub N Style was added to the route that day it is equally rewarding to be able to meet there needs. Our customers leave not only satisfied but also excited about their purchase and their next visit.

When I opened many people were used to only wearing a select few scrub brands with little to no variation in fabrics or styles. This is because those were the brands they had access to without having to go online. There are brands I carry that people may have seen on someone at work or seen in a catalog but they had not had the opportunity to try them on for themselves. I also have brands that people had not heard of and since have fallen in love with. Customers find what they love and continue to come back for more. Many of our return customers come in knowing exactly what brand, color, and size they want before even entering the store. I feel if we introduced online sales at this time this would benefit a number of our customers. I would be able to get them the products they know and love. The online shopper can still shopping local while eliminating the hassle of drive time.
It is not unusual for a customer to call ahead from many miles away to see if when they arrive to our store front we will have exactly what they need in stock. Having a web store would allow these customers to go online and see our inventory as well as place orders. The plan is not to change Scrub N Style from its original path but to add to it making it bigger and better without losing the "Small Town" feel our customers have come to know and love.

I feel adding online sales would benefit not only customers that live a great distance away from the store front but also local residence that are unable to make it to the store during regular business hours. My goal each and every day is to meet my customers need to the best of my ability. I feel this is yet another step towards doing just that. One of my long term goals for Scrub N Style is to open a 2nd store location within 5-7 years of my opening day. I feel with online sales I will be able to build up a number of business relationships and learn what area in Iowa is in need of such a store as Scrub N Style.

At this time we have a number of local accounts that we provide their facility employees uniforms. We also have one mobile store location that we visit every 4-6 months. I literally load my entire inventory to a truck and haul it to their location of which is 30 miles from my store front. Often times their employees have already traveled a distance to report to work by bringing the items they need to work in to their location I have removed the hassle of added travel time that they would need to spend getting to my store front. Not only does this mobile store help the employees but also other residence in their community due to their willingness to open the even to the public.

Many facilities bring in scrub companies for an onsite sale however until now most times those companies were from out of state. Most scrub stores located in Iowa are in cities with major hospitals. With our mobile store we travel to an area that located a great distance from those communities but still have equal need for such products. I am looking at this time to move towards adding more hospitals across Iowa of which have equal need. In an effort of doing so I am looking at the need to increase my inventory to meet the needs not only of my loyal "walk in" customers but also to keep up with the demand of future mobile store customers and potential online shoppers. I not only plan to increase the amount of inventory I have on hand but also what items we offer. First addition is going to be a quality shoe line.

With all of these new and exciting things in our near future I feel it is time I also increase the amount of adverting and marketing we invest in. Word of mouth from satisfied customers has been a driving force in our success and we are forever grateful for that. I still have people who just happened to run across our store without any former knowledge that Waverly had such products available at a local store. I feel that it would be very beneficial to get our name out there just that much more.

The success of my dream of Scrub N Style has already gone beyond my wildest dreams but let me be the first to tell you.... This is only the beginning! I know that the funds from the "Dream Big... Grow Here" grant would give us a good jump on making these visions a reality. I look down the road at what these additions will bring to the table including employment opportunities for residents in the area and I get that much more excited to be a part of that. The future is bright for Scrub N Style and I thank you for coming along for the journey.
Reason for Entering:
1.) Bring Online sales to Scrub N Style customers and beyond. I will use a portion of the grant to build a quality website. I plan to include graphics of all products as well as a secure check out process.

2.) I am planning to increase the number of "Roadshows" I go on to surrounding community hospitals that otherwise do not have access to Medical Scrub Stores. With that comes the need to expand and increase inventory. One item I am looking to add promptly is a shoe line. I want to add more to the store inventory that makes Scrub N Style truly a one stop shop.

3.) Increase advertising is definitely a need. On a regular bases I meet people who come into our store after just learning that there was a scrub store in Waverly. This after over 18months of being open. I chose in the beginning to limit the amount that was spent on such things as advertising. Word of mouth has done well for us... but it is time to move forward.