Beyond the Brew- Beyond Ourselves

Dreamer: Gabe Luse

Business: Beyond the Brew

Location: Sioux City, IA

Industry Contest: Pre-Revenue

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Beyond the Brew will exist, not only to serve local patrons, but also benefit non-profit organizations locally and internationally. Beyond the Brew's goal is to be the area's leading Coffeehouse and Bistro; providing fresh, quality coffee, savory cuisine and tasteful atmosphere.
Business Description:
Beyond the Brew will be unique because it is not just another coffeehouse, but one that serves the community locally and around the world by donating a portion of the profits to deserving organizations. Another unique feature is the education that will be available. I, the owner, attended the Texas Coffee School and am a certified Batista and will offer classes. These classes will include fun facts, hands on involvement, teach how to make fresh beverages at home, membership, fun, and coffee tasting.
Beyond the Brew will make money because we meet a "need". People will be drawn in to the establishment because of the ambiance, they will buy the exceptional coffee and food, and enjoy the entire experience so much that they will tell everyone they know about it.
Coffee is the next largest industry behind petroleum. The public deserves a high quality, flavorful cup of coffee. My education taught me that there is a difference in every cup of coffee served. Each cup starts with the beans. The higher the elevation - the sweeter the bean. Next is the correct time of harvesting. Following that is roasting. Roasting is key - improper roasting can cause a bitter or burnt taste to the bean. Grinding the beans must be done on site as the coffee is being prepared to maintain and guarantee freshness. And finally, the correct water temperature determines the outcome of every cup served. Beyond the Brew will follow these steps. Quality matters.
Competition will nearly be non-existent. Our locally owned business, verses a chain, will draw people in. Beyond the Brew also goes beyond other local establishments as well. We will provide a comfortable, relaxing and welcoming place to enjoy live music, host small events, and offer classes. My survey shows that people are already eager for this business to open its doors.
Reason for Entering:
I am submitting this "dream" application of my business idea, because it allows me to get the word out of I desire in the business I am working towards, and to share what I have always dreamed about, supporting non-profit organizations and my local community.
If I am granted this grant being rewarded, I will use the funds towards start-up cost for the business plan, registering for a L.L.C and any/all cost to get the business started.