Alizabeth's Dream - Staying Connected via Wearable Technology & Tech Accessories

Alizabeth Jetter
Cedar Rapids, IA
Accessibility and freedom! This is true for the walker, runner, biker, athlete and mom on the go. Our solution keeps your phone number with you for safety, your music for your groove and gives you access to your cloud - coupled with awesome accessories!
The wearable technology industry is at $173 Billion; $26 Billion is the cell phone accessory industry. Initially COSSETU looked to create a case solution for earbuds (prototyped, designed and manufactured). A pivot occurred after protoyping a hands-free magnetically backed case/holder for MP3's and Cell Phone's in November 2014. People were really excited about the hands-free solution especially for the phone. The challenge is the weight of the phone.

Thus, another pivot (February 2015). We are now exploring two solutions. A small phone that is priced as another accessory giving access to your current phone number, music and perhaps 1 - 2 apps for activity tracking. The other possibility is utilizing your ipod/mp3 player as a phone with your phone number and access to your cloud. Both solutions being magnetically backed and attachable to your clothing.

We are unique in that some audiences need a solution that allows for access and safety without bulk and without the possibility of damage to their large device. Think of the person going for a run. They want the safety of the phone without having to hold it. In developing a solution that provides people the mini of what they need when they need it is just what the mini offers, they will buy.

We will make money by offering a line of products. The mini phone being the hook. We will also create a lifestyle brand that is complimentary to our technology and technology accessory offerings. We will explore partnership, co-branding and private labeling. What makes us different is the mini phone. We will explore various channels of distribution as well as a robust social marketing strategy. The mini phone does exist, however, it is not being utilized as a wearable technology nor has it been marketed in the U.S. on a major scale. I think about Yahoo in this case. Most applications that are now very popular and very profitable, Yahoo actually created years before the likes of Facebook, Google, Skype. What Yahoo did not do was market the offerings to the point of popularity and demand.

What we will do with the mini phone as wearable technology is replicate what has been done in the technology industry - we have desktop, laptop, tablets (of various sizes) and cell phones of various sizes. Many households have most if not all of the aforementioned solutions. Our cell phones are now computers, yet, we still have a need to size down for certain activities. We will provide another of staying connected.

We have just begun this pivot and need to complete CDI's and market research to ensure we have a viable product.
I am applying to establish proof of commercial relevance. I have spent thousands of dollars of my money and am in need of a cash infusion. I have been boot strapping and the straps are fraying from the continued friction.

The money will be used to complete CDI's - target 300; design prototypes, complete extensive market research and develop an online presence.

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