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provide as many Gund teddy bears to children dealing with challenges of a facial birth defect.

Dreamer: Daphne Christensen     
The mission of Dylan's Smile is to instill hope and foster pride in any family of a child with a facial birth defect. Our goal is to initiate and provide resources for supportive relationships, while building confidence through camaraderie.

We understand that having surgery can cause fear and anxiety for parents and children alike. Our Beary Brave program works to put "bear hugs" around those fears, ease anxiety and provide comfort.

Having a child with a birth defect can feel lonely at times. Dylan's Smile was created to provide an outlet for support to families who are on a journey of multiple surgeries and treatments for a facial defect like cleft lip, cleft palate or craniosynostosis, just to name a few. In doing so, we're also working to raise awareness and educate our communities on the physical and social challenges people with facial differences may be dealing with.

Our programs are supported 100% by donations from generous individuals and businesses who believe in the work we do.

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