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My dream is to establish a mobile software development company right here in central Iowa.

Dreamer: Todd Brunia     
Mobile technologies are hot. Smart phones and tablet computers are the rage and represent the newest frontier for marketers of software products. My dream is to establish a company right here in central Iowa that employs talented Iowans dedicated to shaping the landscape of the mobile software industry. Our community is rich with talented technical resources. I want to provide them with a compelling reason to stay here and apply their skills to this exciting new industry.

My company, called Xilution, Inc., is poised to capitalize on this explosive growth industry. I am currently marketing an online time tracking application called Time 2.0. Time 2.0 is supplemented by four different mobile phone clients.

I will launch a new iPad product called Objectility (http://www.objectility.com) in August of 2010. The Dream Big Grow Here grant will go a long way toward helping to finance the product's launch.

Granted, the Dream Big Grow Here grant won't allow my to hire employees right away; however, it will help make Xilution and Objectility more attractive to future funding opportunities.

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