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Tap the power of a largely untapped "brainpower" resource to assist organizations solve problems.

Dreamer: Chuck Betts     
The Concept – a regional consulting firm providing clients the resources to complete projects and programs which, due to lack of full-time resources, might not be completed in a timely manner.

Why Now –
- recent period of economic distress which forced organizations to become very resource-lean, in some cases cutting through the muscle to the bone.
- still many projects to finish, but headcounts have been reduced and employment frozen
- budget dollars are assigned to complete projects but not to add headcount
- professional resources needed on a time defined basis to remain viable in the marketplace

Why This Firm –
- offers the services of mature, experienced resources to get projects finished
- firm offers “bridge resources” for the transition period between too many projects and not enough resources to the time when there is enough business volume to hire full-time resources with a long-term load large enough to justify that hiring
- consultants are experienced in managerial and executive levels and are familiar with a range of expertise: finance, marketing, manufacturing processes, sales, industrial safety, human resources, organizational development, executive management, network IT , industrial safety, organizational design, strategic planning, supervisory management
- consultants are not aspiring to full-time work, but focused on short-term projects to bridge the client to stronger economic times
- when economy improves, growth will continue to provide the same challenge to employers

Features –
- mature professional consultants able to analyze situations and act quickly
- broad base of consultant expertise areas with deep experience in each area
- contract business basis, not employment
- interim position capabilities

Benefits –
- consultants have completed successful careers and no longer “need” to work, so costs for services will be generally lower
- no supplemental costs for traditional employment taxes and other related benefits
- due to expertise of consultants, projects will be completed faster and with fewer mistakes than those managed by a less experienced, perhaps newly minted graduate

Tagline – “We Put Wisdom to Work for You!”

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