Put this educational Instrument kit in the hands of every surgical student in the Nation!

Dreamer: Dari Fehr Winner

Business: Edu-Instruments

Location: Terril, IA

Industry Contest: Iowa Lakes Corridor 2012

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I have developed a cost effecient surgical instrument kit for students in the surgical field of education, professors and students alike. These kits are to be use on the students time off campus as well as in the classroom setting with and without the aid of the professor. I am currently developing an Instructor kit to accompany the student kit, working with the Head Instructor from Iowa Lakes Community College to develop the instructor portion.
The money from this award would be utilized to promote this product at state and national health care conventions geared toward the college environment. Specifically booth fees, booth set-up costs and preparation costs affiliated to convention promotion. This avenue will specificaly focus on my primary customer.... the colleges and more specifically the Instructors of these colleges that offer surgical courses!