Open a "home away from home" kennel where dogs and cats will frolic, exercise, smile and relax

Dreamer: Kayann Ostwald

Business: Pet Oasis of Spencer, Iowa

Location: Spencer, IA

Industry Contest: Iowa Lakes Corridor 2012

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My dream is to provide a rollicking good time for pets! Dogs and cats will be having such a delightful vacation that their owners will never feel guilty for boarding them. Sunny and cheery exercise gym with running room, love, treats, laughter and music. Spacious suites with cushy elevated beds. Cats will romp in the "jungle room" and dogs will dance to the tunes of Buddy Holly, Bach and Christmas carols. Interactive toys and equipment to stimulate pets' creative juices. I want to offer training sessions, group classes and seminars, and grooming services. Pets will receive massages and injured and elderly pets will revel in comfortable suites.