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BEYOND SPELL CHECK will serve publishers, editors, and authors to index and edit their books.

Dreamer: Steven Baker     
The big dream Steven Baker has for Beyond Spell Check is to develop and expand it to an LLC with a network of other editors and indexers, using a contemporary business model for the publishing industry.

Beyond Spell Check, developed and owned by Steven Baker, offers copyediting and indexing services to writers and publishers of non-fiction literature and documents. The process to copyedit encompasses grammar and style correction. Indexing, to produce the index as part of a book’s back matter, provides readers an efficient means to access information written in the book’s main text. It also increases a book’s marketability. The business of Beyond Spell Check explores the wide varieties of editing and indexing in all forms of printed and digital mediums, including the increasingly popular ebooks.

These are Beyond Spell Check’s targeted markets: publishing companies with their clientele; higher educational institutions with their resources and curriculum; PhD candidates with their dissertations; and the expanding home-education environments of publishers and writers. Freelance writers and authors are not excluded as prospective clients, but they will not be actively sought out in order to build the business.

Steven Baker holds a B.A. degree in English from the University of Iowa. With advanced training in language and culture study, his career landed him in several countries, including Liberia, Africa, where he supervised major research, translation, and writing projects. He furthered his editorial education with technical writing and editing courses, including intensive training from the American Society for Indexing (asindexing.org).

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