Egg Krate- Where ideas are hatched and sold!

Dreamer: Katrina Riggs

Business: Egg Krate Antiques LLC

Location: Elk Horn , IA

Industry Contest: Southwest Iowa 2013

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Egg Krate Antique's building has been in the small town of Elk Horn since World War II but first started as an egg candling business. For the last 15 years it has been a consignment store with about 50 vendors that have new items, old items and a lot of people's own creations. The Egg Krate not only provides a shopping experience in Elk Horn, it provides the community happiness in seeing what stuff of their's will sell. The Egg Krate would use the grant money for building repairs so that it can stay in town for many years to come. We have a lot of great restaurants in town but not enough retailers. It would be a great loss to this community if the Egg Krate wasn't able to make it because of building deterioration. The Egg Krate isn't just one business, it is a business full of many tiny "ma and pa shops" a lot of people would benefit from this grant. This is my first 3 months of owning this business and I'm only 22 years old, this would be a great jump start to the rest of my years owning this business. So far I have been very pleased to see how many people travel to Elk Horn and I want the Egg Krate to be one of the reasons they might stay a few hours longer.
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