We The Dreamers an outlet for artists! A fresh look on a fashion forward lifestyle!

Dreamer: Jade Dirks

Business: We The Dreamers

Location: Carroll, IA

Industry Contest: DMACC Business Resources 2013

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I have a dream to provide a unique shopping experience like nothing Carroll has seen before! What is it we love and look for when shopping out of town, in the city, or on vacation? What is it about our favorite stores that we love so much, and how can we combine all of these missing things? I am an avid shopper, a fashion enthusiast, a lover of trinkets and unique things, and I have contemplated these questions and answered them in the form of this project. This store will have unique vintage finds from all over, brand new clothes & accessories that you'll get to help choose and vote for on the stores facebook page, not to mention handmade items local and across the U.S.! I strongly support artists and there creative works from paintings and clothes to bows and soaps. You name it! So I'll be looking for many talented creators to help line the shelves of my store. I want to sell you a vintage suitcase that has been 1000 places and holds 1000 stories so you can take it on another adventure, a brand new dress for your first day of high school or to wear to a interview for the job of your dreams, a treasure handmade by your next door neighbor, a fellow dreamer! This store is my dream and I need your help! I have so many plans and ways for the store to give back to the community, and in particular our female youth in the form of a yearly scholarship.
This store is going to be represented by earth friendly, organic, original, handmade, & hand chosen products. We the dreamers will offer clothes, home décor, & knick knacks of all kinds. As mentioned earlier I have shopped at many stores that have awesome qualities about them, but I have shopped at few that combined all these things. Here are some store amenities We the dreamers will offer: a 5 cent store donation to a local charity every time a shopper uses there own bag to shop. We The Dreamers will offer alterations and gift wrapping for any occasion! I want it to have a warm earthy vibe, with handmade fixtures and comfortable lighting. Music will be played on a record player like the good old days. It will be Modern with a vintage twist. My store is going to be geared towards women in their early twenties all the way on up. A women who is confident, strong, & free spirited. We The Dreamers will be the name of my store. This name represents the spark of a dream and creativity we all have inside! I want to provide a place for all the creative people of iowa to channel their "sparks"!

The photos are from a pop up shop i've started at my local farmers market to spread the word and give people a small glimpse of the types of vintage, new,and handmade things you'll find at my store these. Also the logo was created by an artist Cam Dirkx from Iowa.