YesterYear's; A tiny diner with a lot of heart.

Dreamer: Pamela Abrams

Business: YesterYear's Candies, Coffees, & More

Location: Pella, IA

Contest: Innovation Gateway 2013

Voting Ends: 10/17/2013 5:00:00 PM

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YesterYears's; Candy, Coffee, & More. Yes, This is exactly what can be found at this unique little diner; coffees from around the world, candies that are reminiscent of a time gone by-yesteryear, and so much more. YesterYear's is indeed a unique little Diner in every sense of the word; from the spelling of it's name to the edible taste sensations and coffees served. Even the location of the Diner is indeed -quite unique.

The tasty treats and gourmet coffees that are served at YesterYear's is all pre-packaged but does not lack in quality or taste. In fact our coffee beans whether Latin American, African, or Indonesian are of the freshest and are backed by a guarantee to be 100%Arabica. Our Fair Trade Organic Coffees give back by helping to support communities all over the world and our flavored coffees are of the finest you will ever taste.

However; our Gourmet Coffees are not the only tasty treat you will find at YesterYear's; take a trip down memory lane and experience the nostalgia of years gone by as you enjoy the taste sensation of a cherry mash or an atomic fireball. Whether Abba Zabba, Boston Baked Beans, Sugar Daddy's, or Bit O Honey's- you will find many choices for classic old fashioned candies. In fact we have something for everyone. We even offer candies that have been approved by PETA for the Vegan Diet.

While our shelves are lined with old fashioned candy jars of retro classics -we also carry Unreal Unjunked Candies; a better and delicious alternative to traditional candies as we know them. Unreal Unjunked candies are gluten free, contain no artificial ingredients, no preservatives, no corn syrup, no hydrogenated oils, no GMO's and no hormones. This candy is made with 100% REAL ingredients; natural oils, real sugar, real milk, real cacao and peanuts. This candy is as unique as YesterYear's itself and therefore must sit upon our shelves with the classics -for it seems destined to become a classic as well.
Just as our Coffees give back to communities around the world all of our Candies will give back to our own local community; 14% or greater of all profit from candy sales will be donated back into Local Community Service Outreach Programs and an additional 7% will be designated to other Iowa Communities. A portion of profits will also go into a special savings for a college fund but more on this later.

Yesteryear's; Candy, Coffee & More- So you may be asking what more is there? Well take all of this and wrap it up in a beautifully arranged custom made gift basket for any chosen occasion; with unique gifts that make a statement to the Java or Candy Lover in all of us and well... What more could you ask for? I suppose the option to purchase and experience our delectable treats individually would be nice- which of course we do offer. Our gift baskets are just one of our premium treats, simply let us know when phoning in to place your order and we will have it ready for you or you may simply stop in during our hours of operation and take a trip down memory lane as you browse our fine selection of Coffees, Candys and specialty gifts while listening to a golden oldie softly play on our retro jukebox.

This is my dream and I am something of a Modern Day Diner Girl; except a bit older and I don't work at a Diner - I own one. My dream; well that is my glass slipper; it fits and someday it will be a reality-my reality.
Until my dream does come true; even though all the permits are in place, my Diner - YesterYear's, (or so it shall be named ;with a spelling as unique as the spelling of my GrandDaughter's name - RoseMary.) sits empty but beautifully unique all the same. I purchased our little Diner for my GrandDaughter's 12th Birthday with the plan of establishing a small business that would allow a College Savings Fund for RoseMary's Education and the only thing that has changed about that plan-that dream; is that it has flourished I want to do so much more and the passion for my dream grows more each day.

I entered the Dream Big Grow Here Contest in hopes of being able to see my dream become a reality sooner than I might be able to without this possibility; as the earnings from my current position cover our cost of living and the monthly Diner Payment (which is over half paid for) There are no additional funds for actually opening the door of YesterYear's for business. if I were to be chosen as one of the winners of this contest I would purchase inventory and supplies, allow for some marketing expenses, set aside a business fund to cushion the business and allow for growth, and of course plan for our Grand Opening. If additional funds remained aside from this I would put it toward the balance owed on the Diner. However just being open for business would increase our income and be such a Blessing.
If you are making payments on a proposed business it is wonderful when it is actually in operation.

Please consider casting a vote and helping to make our Dream a Reality. Thank you

Just a little note on the video below; Although we have no subway system and this does not portray the our City of Pella - as I was watching the video I could see the analogy of it. It portrays the dream itself and more Notice how everything begins to change as the character gets closer to realizing their dream?