To re-purpose and up-cycle junk so pieces may find a home rather than end up in a landfill.

Dreamer: Sheila O'Riley

Business: She-Nae's Rescued and Renewed

Location: Creston, IA

Industry Contest: South Central Iowa 2013

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She-Nae’s Rescued and Renewed (Décor for Home and Garden) is owned by Sheila O’Riley and Rene` Foster. Our mission is to rescue pieces from the trash or landfill and to remake it to give it a new purpose (re-purpose) or give it a new updated finish (up-cylcle). We do our own pieces, as well as, provide a marketplace for 30 consignors ranging from teenagers to 90-year-olds. The consignors help us provide a wide variety of rescued and renewed pieces for home and garden décor and wearables such as jewelry. We are open Tuesday through Saturday and located in Uptown Creston for easy access to our customers.

Our dream is to be South Central Iowa’s premier provider of re-purposed and up-cycled pieces bringing more people to Uptown Creston, Iowa. Just as we try to create our pieces with junk we have on hand, we are struggling to grow our business with cash on hand. For this reason we are applying for the Dream Big Grow Here grant. Following are items from our business plan that we would use this money for.

1. We need to extend our marketing area by extending our advertising area to cities near us. Current advertising budget does not allow that.
2. Although, the vintage, industrial building we are in provides an excellent space for our shop, it does not have climate control. We need heat in order to stay open during the winter and capture the Holiday shopping season.
3. Local folks are learning that we will take their junk, saving them from hauling it to the landfill and paying fees. We will eventually renew these pieces, but are running out of storage for them. We have a couple of possibilities for extra storage spaces.
4. We take our pieces and those of consignors to flea markets. Currently, we are borrowing trailers to haul our wares. We would like to have our own trailer outfitted with storage and tie-downs for safer trips for our pieces.

Customers rave about our creativity and how comfortable our shop is. We even have volunteers who paint and help with the counter because, as they say, they like to be around the positive energy in the shop. We feel we have a good thing going and need help to keep it going and growing.
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