Young G's Barbeque Sauce

Dreamer: Gerald Young

Business: Young G's Barbeque Sauce

Location: Waterloo, IA

Industry Contest: Cedar Valley 2013

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Young G's Barbeque Sauce represents my father's secret recipe which has existed in the family for over 20 years. Following my return from active duty in Afghanistan as a disabled veteran I received my father's blessing to take his recipe to the public. It is a great sauce with all natural and fresh ingredients. It's certified gluten free with a sodium content of only 8%. And not only can you use it as a BBQ sauce but it makes for a wonderful marinade for all types of meats. Through perseverance and the support of a few educational business programs for veterans I'm happy to tell you that Young G's Barbeque Sauce is now available in 6 different Hy-Vee grocery stores in the Cedar Valley area and a handful of other retail food stores in the Northeast and Central New York. My goal is to pursue additional retail grocery contracts as well as military contracts, providing troops with the great taste of Young G's American barbeque sauce wherever they're stationed, across the world. I plan to use the prize money to provide further sales & marketing support for the product that will lead to increased sales through additional distribution & retail partnerships, ultimately leading toward my goal of providing jobs in the areas of production, distribution, and sales for other military veterans.
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