Jadiva by Jenny Your #1 Jewelry Arts Diva Grand Opening

Dreamer: Jennifer Kellogg

Business: Jadiva

Location: Mason City, IA

Industry Contest: North Iowa 2013

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Jadiva is all about jewelry, the arts, and teaching my techniques to others. I make various types of jewelry, photography, and original arts. By selling my designs at the local Main Street Market and teaching a few classes at the local art museum I have noticed a need for both handmade goods as well as unique instructional classes. Many Jadiva customers have requested me to open a bead shop and teach art classes for either themselves or their children. I want my town to have a go to place that will encourage learning various art methods for self motivation and even possibly inspire them to create their own dream. I have seen a dramatic decline in the arts community due to restricted budgets at our local schools as well as museums and I want to bring that back to my hometown. My ultimate dream is to become a manufacturer of unique jewelry, beads, and artworks. I want to create an instructional school that makes this town a coveted place to come to. I want my visiting students to seek out the many historical sites our town has to offer. I want to be able to showcase, not only my original designs, but my students work as well. Jadiva products will sell locally, nationally, and hopefully internationally as well. I want to help other people like me that have disabilities find their footing again and see that there are different ways to get back on your feet again. I am applying because I need my dream to come true before the disabilities I suffer from become a hindrance and stop me just short of my goal. Jadiva is applying so that I can get that kick-start that will launch my dream and better my community at the same time. I want to spread the word of my dream and find people who want to join my cause. If I were to win this contest I would be able to open up shop and be debt free from the beginning. I would have at least a year of rent for store space paid up front. I would have that stepping stone I need in order to move forward. I have done a lot of research for this. I have already taught classes of my own design. My background as a goldsmith at various retail jewelry stores for over 15 years has prepared me in advance for this. I love what I do and I want to share my knowledge with others. One way or another Jadiva will be your #1 jewelry arts center here in Iowa. With the help of this contest we could see that dream become a reality sooner rather than later.
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